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Since 2011, the Anolisa group welcomes you to their 4 hotels, each of them in city center, ranking from one to three stars. 

In each property, you will find a high level of comfort, personalized welcome, flexible and responsive service, which are the strengths of our independent hotels !

Nantes the beauty of the West

Nestled next to the Loire shores, Nantes dazzles with its timeless charm and contemporary dynamism.

Historic capital of Brittany, Nantes elegantly mixes medieval remains and modern architecture. As the Bouffay neighborhood. the ramparts of the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany tell centuries of history. The maritime soul of the city is revealed through walks along the banks of the Erdre or the Loire, where barges and pleasure boats meet. Nantes is also a city of art and culture, proud of its numerous museums and renowned cultural institutions, as well as “le Voyage à Nantes”, a unique collection of more than 100 artworks in public spaces.

The famous museum of art has a large collection of paintings, where you can find classical paintings to contemporary art. In contrast, the Lieu unique, a restored former biscuit factory, presents a unique alternative cultural space. Many cultural events and festivals are welcomed into the city every year.

Nantes is way more than a city, it’s a unique experience linking tradition and modernity.


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Access to our hotels


The best way to discover Nantes is by walking, biking, or using public transportation. Our hotels are located in an ideal location next to the monuments and are easy to reach. In addition, The Hotel de la Cité, The Hotel Duquesne, and The Hotel Châteaubriand offer private parking for bikes and cars.

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