Logo de l'Hôtel de la Cité à Nantes.

You can enjoy free high-speed WiFi throughout the hotel.

Network: Hôtel de la Cité

Password: hdcnantes

🛎️ Reception

The reception is open 24/7 Please feel free to approach us for any questions or advice during your stay.

🕠 Check-in

Our rooms are available from 2:00 PM onwards.

If you would like to have your room earlier, feel free to request an early check-in.

🕠 Check-out

You can enjoy your room until 11:30 AM.

If you would like a late check-out, don’t hesitate to request it at the reception.

🥐 Petits-déjeuners

Served from 7:00 to 10:30 am
Continental buffet – 16€

Everyone perceives breakfast differently. For us, it’s a moment to savor, a time to take our time enjoying each of our delicious pastries, a moment to linger over a coffee.

Aguila, our fantastic Nespresso machine, will satisfy all fans of milk-based recipes. Indulge yourself with a cappuccino or a latte macchiato. cappuccino ou un late machiatto.

What will you be enjoying today?

Gluten-free breakfast options are available (please let us know in advance).

🍹 Duke’s Bar

Warm and inviting, the Bar is the perfect place for a spontaneous aperitif, a light dinner, or simply a delicious snack.

It welcomes you from 7 am to 11 pm.

👕 Ironing service

An iron and an ironing board can be provided upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact Reception.

🧼 Hygiene products

In case of forgetfulness, dental and shaving kits as well as hygiene products are available at the reception for €1.

🚌 Transport Service 

For your travels in Nantes, we will be happy to inform you about the transportation options near the hotel (bus, tram, taxis).

Thank you for taking note, upon your arrival, of the safety and fire instructions posted behind the door. An evacuation plan is available in the corridors. 🧯

🚭 For your well-being and that of others, the hotel is entirely non-smoking.

Thank you for respecting this instruction to avoid triggering smoke detectors. 🌫️

If a tobacco smell is detected in your room, the hotel reserves the right to charge you a cleaning fee of €99.

🌡️ For minor injuries, band-aids and antiseptics are available. For any emergency, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the staff.

Your room is cleaned daily. If you do not wish to have the cleaning service, please place the « do not disturb » sign on the door, facing the corridor. Please note that we will need to access your room at least once every two days.

If you do not want us to change your towels, simply hang them up!

You can get an extra pillow or blanket by contacting the reception.

📺 All our rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV with a wide selection of channels and offer the possibility to cast content from your various accounts (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc…).

In case of damage to the equipment in your room, the establishment reserves the right to charge the amount of the damages to your bill.

☎️ If you notice a technical issue, please report it to the reception so that we can intervene as soon as possible.

Feeling a bit hungry ?

Don’t hesitate to ask our team, who can direct you to the best dining options near the hotel !

What is the Green Key?

Present on five continents, the Green Key eco-label is the first international sustainability label for tourist accommodations and restaurants.

Our establishment is currently in the process of obtaining certification to align your stay with ecological principles. Here are some details to guide you through this environmentally conscious experience. 

🗑️ Waste : 

The three compartments bin in our rooms are designated as follows:
Blue bin: for paper/cardboard
Yellow bin: for glass
Black bin: for general waste 

💡 Here are a few eco-friendly practices : 

Turn off unnecessary lights.
Unplug devices when not in use.
Serve yourself small portions; you can always get more if needed.
Turn off the heating if you open windows, and adjust the temperature using the thermostat.
Turn off the water while soaping up in the shower; this can save up to 30 liters of water. cela vous permettra d’économiser 30 L d’eau.

Together, we can conserve water, one of our most precious resources. To reduce consumption, we kindly ask you to place any linens you wish to be replaced in the sink.

🚲Déplacements verts  : 

At the reception, you will find city maps as well as information about public transportation and bike paths. Feel free to ask our team, they will be happy to answer your questions!

For more information, click  here.

📜Our Environmental Charter:

To better understand our approach, we invite you to read our environmental charter by clicking here.

🌻L’environnement :

How to travel sustainably without information about our surroundings?

Click here for various information about natural sites nearby, and here to discover the nearest Blue Flag beaches and ports.

Berlingots nantais


Fraise, Cassis, Citron, Orange, Caramel, Menthe, Anis. Depuis 1860, le Berlingot nantais est cuit dans un chaudron en cuivre, façonné à la main puis agrémenté d’arômes naturels. Au XXIème siècle, son goût et ses parfums restent plébiscités ! La fabrication est restée artisanale, comme avant.


Palets chocolat noir à la fleur de sel de Guérande


Gwenrann noir, disque fin de chocolat noir 70% avec insertion de fleur de sel


Oreiller Bien-Être


Coloris blanc, enveloppe 100% percale coton, garnissage 100% pes microfibre, 850 g, 45X70 cm


Lotion corporelle Deep Nature


Lotion corporelle Deep Nature à l’huile de jojoba . L’huile de Jojoba associée à l’huile de Sésame nourrira votre peau ce qui l’hydrate en profondeur.


Shampoing Deep Nature


Shampooing Deep Nature au Miel et Calendula.
Le shampooing quotidien doux Deep Nature nettoie et aide à fortifier tout type de cheveux. Grâce à ses précieux actifs :Noix de Coco, Avoine et Miel vos cheveux retrouveront leur éclat.


Gel douche Deep Nature


Gel douche Deep Nature à l’Aloe Vera et à la camomille. Le gel douche Deep Nature vous séduira par son parfum délicat.

Couette Lotus


Grâce à son enveloppe en microfibre de polyester et son toucher « peau de pêche », la couette Lotus est particulièrement douce. D’épaisseur moyenne, son garnissage en fibres siliconées conviendra à toutes les saisons.

Légère, elle est facile d’entretien et son garnissage assure un bon maintien au chaud. Son piquage en forme de quadrillage permet de maintenir le garnissage uniformément, même après lavage.

Couette LOTUS, coloris blanc, enveloppe 100% polyester microfibre, garnissage 100% fibres polyester creuses siliconées, finition biais piquage carreaux, 400g/m², 280×240 cm